Protection against evolving digital threats.

Architects & Engineers face three major risks in the digital age;

  • System downtime and associated loss of revenue or late delivery
  • Cyber, ransomware or malware attack rendering systems 'locked down'
  • Loss of sensitive data resulting in a fine

With an ever increasing move towards BIM and the changing landscape of the construction industry, we are seeing a large number of Architects & Engineers looking to Cyber Liability insurance to cover these risks.

Lockton's specialist Global Technology and Privacy Practice is at the forefront of cyber risk solutions, both in the UK and worldwide. We place Cyber Liability Insurance policies which provide protection against financial losses (including third party liability and fines and penalties) arising from your practice's information technology platform.

To discuss the extent to which you are already covered for these risks by your existing insurances, and whether Cyber Liability Insurance would be right for you, contact our Global technology & Privacy Practice for impartial, expert advice.